Welcome to a Healthcare Community like you’ve never experienced before!

The Conscious Nurse Collective

The Conscious Nurse Collective is a high frequency, high vibrational container for the healthcare providers who desire MORE for themselves, their colleagues and, most importantly, their patients.

The Conscious Nurse Collective is for the healthcare providers who hold a higher vision for what healthcare can look like.

The Conscious Nurse Collective is for the healthcare providers who are committed to deep personal growth and transformation, acknowledging that sustainable change starts with each of us individually.

The Conscious Nurse Collective is for the healthcare providers who possess a deep desire to tap into their own power, sovereignty, and ability to design the life and career of their dreams.


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Our Mission


In The Conscious Nurse Collective
you will receive:

⚕️Inclusion in a high vibrational container that is constantly being cleansed by Source Creator God, my core healing team, and my higher self.

⚕️Monthly themes that include a live transmission and Zoom Q&A Connection call offering rich teachings, tangible practices, connection with other soul-guided practitioners, and personalized coaching opportunities coupled with healing alchemy.

⚕️Reflective journaling prompts and posts that get you thinking and reflecting on what it’s like to be a Conscious Caregiver, what it looks like, and how you can further embody it to elevate your life and career.

⚕️You are the FIRST to know all of my new offerings and promotions – whether it’s a new paid program, mastermind, 1:1 mentorship, swag drops, new journal drops… whatever it might be!  You are my people and you get the 411 and first dibs always!!



Healthcare professionals work with me because I show them how to navigate this process of healing, ascend into higher frequencies and higher realms of consciousness, and hold the duality of this 3D matrix.

Through this work it is possible…

To encounter challenging colleagues and STILL remain grounded in your power and sovereignty.

To have a disruption in the flow of your shift and STILL perceive your day as having been successful.

To hold the hand of a dying patient and STILL have a passion for your profession.

Through this work you, too,
can learn how to hold it all.

Jenna was incredible. I needed this energy clearing session more than I ever knew! I had quite a few ah-ha moments and I can tell that her intuition is so strong because she was reminding me of things I had entirely forgotten about and it helped to bring my strengths to the surface. I left this session empowered and reminded that my path is divinely guided. Jenna is caring, empathetic and an amazing listener. I highly recommend her for anyone who needs a little direction. 💖


You made me feel so comfortable that I was able to truly Connect with my feelings and how to over come things I was going through. I can finally breathe again after years and months of the weight of the world on me !! You are a true blessing and amazing person. 💖


You have lifted my soul so much and helped me dig deep into places I am afraid to open up about. I felt so aligned with you today, you definitely tapped into some energies that needed acknowledgment and letting go. I realize now that I am blocking my opportunities due to fear and doubt. Thank you for giving me tools to work with, and for being my cheerleader for the reality I want to achieve. I’m excited for the future. You’re truly a gift!


The Conscious Nurse Collective

Energetic Exchange ONLY:



$555 PIF for 12 months
(A savings of $105)

What can you expect after
you make the decision to jump in?

A welcome email with everything you need to get started as a member of The Conscious Nurse Collective, including the link to our Exclusive Private Facebook Community.

Join our Exclusive Private Facebook Community to get started right away!  Immediately upon admittance, you will have access to over 5 months worth of potent transmissions, reflective journaling prompts, and tangible practices you can begin implementing right away!

A welcome package as a token of appreciation for making the choice to go on this journey with me – individually we are powerful, but together we are UNSTOPPABLE!

The Conscious Nurse Collective Energetic Exchange ONLY:



$555 PIF for 12 months
(A savings of $105)



My name is Jenna and I am an Energetic Alchemist, Spiritual Healer, Author, Registered Nurse, Wife, and Fur-mom.

As a nurse of ten years, I’ve experienced firsthand the burnout that comes with taking care of others, putting others first, lacking boundaries, and abandoning your own self-care. I soon found out that by putting others first, I was actually putting them last. By not filling my own cup, I had nothing left to give anyone else – not my husband, my friends, or my patients.

As a coach, I call in Source, my higher self, my core healing team, and the ascended masters to connect with you on a soul level. I combine divine downloads, oracle cards, and energy work to help you hone in on emotional and energetic blockages that are preventing you from stepping in to the Truth of who you are. Through energy clearing, practical exercises, reflective journaling, and mentorship I take you from disempowered to EMPOWERED – able to face the most challenging circumstances with grace and ease.

I possess a special gift.

I am a Soul-Guided Nurse

Deeply intuitive, and able to marry science, energy work, and spirituality into a unique coaching style that guides clients to confidence, empowerment, creating boundaries, and energy protection in order to deliver safe, quality patient care based on evidence-based practice.

With my guidance, you will go from feeling stressed, exhausted, and defeated to ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

How do I know? Because I did it… and you can do it, too!

YOUR time is NOW! Time to reignite YOUR passion for your life and your profession!

Love & Blessings,


The Conscious Nurse Collective Energetic Exchange ONLY:



$555 PIF for 12 months
(A savings of $105)